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Your Health and safety are our top priority


We are pleased to welcome you to Excellent Driver LLC, an emerging . Safe Driver and chauffeur service company based in Dubai, UAE. We offer our services on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. We also offer a host of other services where you may need a driver. Hire a designated driver to make sure you get back to your destination in your own car. Our drivers are trained to offer the safest (Covid-19 Ready) and most convenient service.

Our Services

Temporary Car Drivers in Dubai

Are you Looking for a Car Driver in Dubai! If so, we have experienced drivers of 3-10 years and also capable of handling all types of cars Temporary (Hourly Based Car Drivers), Permanent (Monthly Based Car Drivers) in UAE. We provide car drivers all over the Twin Cities Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah,  Ajman and Ra's al-Khaimah.

Need a driver for your car to pick and drop you at the office every day? Our car drivers in Dubai, available in wide range of salary according to the number of hours he will work and type of car he is driving like automatic or manual. So, what are you waiting for, just book the driver and avail comfortable journey.

Hire a car driver from Excellent Driver  to take you to the destination in your own car.

The convenience and the luxury of having your own personal driver just a few steps away, we brings you their professional chauffeur service which lets you hire drivers in Hyderabad on an hourly basis. Choose from  fleet of trusted, verified and trained drivers at affordable price.  Drivers is the perfect solution to a range of your traveling issues. Whether it is the daily commute to your work or a weekend getaway, Drivers allows you to sit back and relax, while our drivers make you reach your destination safely. Our night time drivers, available at a special night time charges are the perfect solution for late nights, letting you enjoy with the peace of mind of reaching back home safely. We realizes the importance of this by providing a quick, reliable and easy way to hire drivers in Dubai.

With our fleet of trained, verified and trusted car drivers in Dubai, we make the drive better and safer for you and your family. Book a driver for daily office commutes, mid-day shopping, night-outs, airport transfers, or weekend getaways with our hourly packages 


for Amazing,
By firos khan

My trip to Dubai was amazing, and my driver from Excellent Driver LLC made it unforgettable, he made our first day in Dubai amazing, if some day I going back to Dubai I don't want another taxi drivers just them.

for Quality
By Noufal Imbappu

I have experienced a safest and professional service from Excellent driver llc. Very knowledgeable drivers about cities in Uae. They delivered comfortable and appreciated services.....

for Outstanding
By fida ovungal

Outstanding service u serve excellent drivers... On time. its a good experience that your drivers are very polite and respectful..

for Quick Respond
By Shibu Rasheed

Absolutely outstanding service.. always quick to respond and most importantly safe drivers, great service thank you very much.

for Good Services
By Al Hesen Tourism

Good Services and On Time. Best Of Luck dear Team

for Awesome
By aliakbar pangath

I used your service,, awesome professional service.

Frequent Questions

What is Excellent Driver LLC?

EXCELLENT DRIVER LLC an RTA approved Safe Driver Company Based in Dubai, UAE. We can drive our customers with their own vehicles to their destinations in the convenience and safety of them and also their vehicles by providing well experienced, responsible, reliable and professionally trained Driers. This unique service assists the government in battling its serious dilemma on alcohol related car accidents.

How do I book?

It's a simple, easy, and fun way to book your next adventure! And if you don’t see your desired route on our website, you can request a driver, Our Call Center agents are available around the clock to take your details and confirm the booking. Just contact 042550884 and specify where and when you would like to be picked up and The Driver will arrive there at the right time to safely drive you in your own vehicle to your destination.

Is it safe to travel with Excellent Driver LLC?

We always screen our drivers for criminal and traffic records, and personally interview each one/ inspect their cars for safety, comfort, and reliability. All cars must be less than ten years old, in excellent operating condition, and insured as required by local law. And because our drivers are locals, they're familiar with the rules and customs of the road. We believe this provides a safer, more relaxing experience for you.

What areas do they cover?

You might need to travel in another emirate like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, and Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah. If they charge the extra amount to drive you out of the city, you’ll at least have an idea of additional cost on your final invoice instead of getting a shock with an unexpected increase in the bill.

Why are you Hiring a driver?

While hiring the cheapest safe driver Dubai, you must conclude the main purpose of the hiring. Do you need the service just for pick & drop from the airport after you land in UAE or are there other occasions when you need a chauffeur? Asking this question can help you decide the actual length of the services that you need during your stay in town. And you can easily calculate the costs, communicate the plan to your service provider and align your whole trip in a strategic manner. Plus, you can expect a driver that knows how to add value in your travel according to each event.

Is he Punctual?

Time limitation is one of the reasons that people use chauffeur services to reach everywhere in time. So, the very first question that you must ask yourself is that if the driver is punctual or not. Because only then you can decide whether to go with this option or continue your quest to find the cheapest safe driver Dubai.

Is he Honest?

Honesty makes everyone trustworthy and we demand this quality from almost everyone. While you search for the cheapest safe driver Dubai, you shouldn’t skip this quality as you speak with different companies. Because traveling with an honest chauffeur can make your travel pleasant and less concerned about your items.

Will i be safe with him?

It is an act of courage when we trust others with our lives and while you hire a chauffeur, you do something similar. So, do ask about the training, certificates or past experience of the driver to ensure that you’re hiring the right guy. Because only then you can be sure if hired the right company in the quest of finding the cheapest safe driver Dubai.

Why choose Excellent Driver?

A person looking for driver services usually expects the services to be affordable, dependable and professional. We are proud to say that we specialize in all of the above three. Booking a safe driver with us is the simplest thing to do. We have multiple channels where you can connect and make a booking with us. You can either call us on our fixed line or call/SMS us on our mobile or leave us a message on our WhatsApp. Just a single message on WhatsApp is good enough for us. Yes, it may not sound as professional but we prefer to keep our booking system easy yet simpler in all forms. Unlike many of our competitors we don’t base our rates on the distance. We operate on a flat rate system and we were the first to introduce it. We strive to make Dubai a safe place to live.

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